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The Municipal Casino at Cleveland;
Monte Carlo of Lake Erie; Vegas of the Great Lakes

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The idea for a publicly owned casino on the mall in Cleveland arose from the proposal in 2005 by city leaders for a private casino. They claimed that the public's approval of their plan would solve all of Cleveland's ills.

The Cleveland Ingenuity Festival of 2005 included an open Architectural Exhibit, "Divining the Detail", that called for the design of a detail or details to be presented on a 27" x 27" board and an image of their context on a 6" x 9" card.

In response to the proposal for a casino and the call for entries to the exhibition, David Ellison and Mark Jackson created the idea for a municipally-owned casino and hotel with associated schools of casino and hotel management and Beaux-Arts architecture and decorative arts and trades, a gambling addiction counseling center, and an expanded Public Auditorium and Convention Center for Cleveland.

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