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to the right Honorable

L A D I E S   &   G E N T L E M E N

Citizens of Cleveland, &c.

Our leaders, having given us the opportunity to study the many questions pertaining to the future of our city and region, and having made to us the bold proposition of the permitting and construction of a casino for the purposes of the economic development and salvation of our municipality; and their taking upon themselves the trouble of promoting the idea, and all of the various possibilities for achievement, artistry, publicity and good works; are such examples of their love of the arts, and of their commitment to the city of Cleveland and her citizens, that we cannot too quickly return them our thanks for favors that surpass all acknowledgement.

Therefore we present for your consideration, the Details of a Casino that might be built at Cleveland, which we think would be good.

I. Owned by, for, and of the people of the region, through a system of equal shares, allowed to be held only by residents of the municipalities invested in the casino, and the possession of which may not be concentrated or monopolized by the few.

II. Managed by a large bureaucracy to be established by the democratically elected and accountable representatives of the people of the municipalities, at a reasonable profit to be directed specifically toward the benefit of the region as a whole; to create the realistic sensations of safety, wealth, prosperity dignity and respectability for visitors, patrons, and employed workers alike; to promote tourism, related economic activities, sustainable service industry jobs including those even in the therapeutic treatment of compulsive gamblers; and to provide the occasional jackpots and resulting windfalls in tax revenues.

III. Financed through municipal bonds issued by the municipalities that are invested in the Casino; and for the purpose of creating as many meaningful jobs as possible, with the intention of promoting the capacity of Clevelanders to accomplish great architectural and decorative works as well as unique systems of democratic management and governance to the country and the world

IV. Constructed using only locally owned contracting companies and employing only qualified local tradespeople, so as to give our region's talented and experienced builders and trade unions a challenge to which they may rise and surpass their own expectations and ours; and so that the value of the funding mechanism goes directly to benefit the residents and businesses of the region through wages, taxation and the resulting expenditures in our locality.

V. Decorated in the most elaborate Beaux Arts style which has proven itself so popular at Las Vegas and which is fitting for its location in Cleveland, using the finest materials fashioned into their various component parts by local fabricators, craftspeople, and artisans, in order to re-develop local expertise, skill and understanding; and so as to induce the most dignified and respectable behavior of patrons and visitors, and so as to facilitate the greatest expenditure in the realization of the project.

VI. Designed so as to correct and fulfill part of the potential of the Group Plan of 1903 in its architectural form, by narrowing the Mall, by adding pedestrian and civic activity at its perimeter; and in its provisions for sculpted and painted ornamentation, and in its ability to express the higher ideals of our society, and so as to command as much expense as is reasonable for such a building built at, and such an enterprise conducted at our city's center; and employing the foremost classically trained architects and designers in the world, in collaboration with those most able locally.

VII. Protected from abuse by the public funding of elections and with surveillance by a diligent public and free press from slovenly and criminal elements by directing the profits back into local job creation and civic improvements, and prohibiting the activities of the few from ruining the experience of the many.

And to include the renovation and reconstruction of the underground convention facilities beneath the Mall, an addition to the entire East side of the PUBLIC AUDITORIUM and MUSIC HALL, enlivening and activating that side of the Mall, so that both may serve more public and commercial functions during all times of the day and night; composed of an Hotel, to be positioned behind the Casino overlooking the Mall; a School, in which to teach the various skills necessary in designing and building the project, and necessary in maintaining and managing the facilities; and of course, the Casino itself, incorporating a wide range of grand salons and smaller rooms, galleries, loggias and terraces, named after the various participating municipalities and forming specialized settings for the playing of one game of chance.

That is the way our Casino would be.