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The Intermodal Transportation Hub designed for the Cleveland Competition

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This design for an Intermodal Transportation Hub was submitted to the Cleveland Design Competition in January of 2010. Michael Osysko and David Ellison proposed a gate, modeled loosely on Berlin's Brandenburg Gate to serve as the northern terminus of the downtown mall in place of the originally proposed train station. It would be surmounted by two quadrigae, chariots drawn by 4 horses each, symbolizing the race between good and evil with good just inches ahead and modeled on the chariot race in the movie, Ben Hur. The gate would provide sheltered bicycle parking and services and access points into the train and bus station below. An at-grade open air esplanade built on the roof of the railroad concourse below would bridge the railroad tracks and Route 2 and spill onto the parkspace at Northcoast Harbor. Especially important in the scheme is the relationship in section to the various functions and traffic.